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Win an iPod Shuffle or Cash


Contest URL: Contest: Win Tons of Great Prizes Including iPod Shuffle, Ad Spots and More!
Prize: iPod shuffle, Cash, Free Advertising
Deadline: 27th march 2009

Win a Free iPod Shuffle (or $50 cash) from AnotherMMOblog. More prizes like free Advertising and banner design from the sponsors:

Making Money Online

To enter gain your entries:

  • Write a post about the contest including all the sponsors links (+10)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+5)
  • Submit any other post to social sites (+5)

Win Cash from TechXav


Contest URL: Win $100 Cash in TechXav’s First Giveaway
Prize: Cash
Deadline: 14th March 2009

Win cash from Tech Xav. 3 prizes for you:

  • 1st Prize: US$50
  • 2nd Prize: US$30
  • 3rd Prize: US$20

To enter you only have to subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail. You can gain more points by doing the following things:

  • Write a post about this contest (+10)
  • Answer a short quiz (+5)

Win Cash from Money Making Schemes

Contest URL: Win Cash
: Cash
Deadline: 27th February 2009 - Ending Soon -

Contest time again, dear readers! This is really interesting: you can win at least $100 from Paul’s Money Making Schemes. To enter gain your tickets:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1)
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