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ZakShow Blog Contest

Contest URL: My First Blog Contest: Cash And Entrecard Credits
Prize: Cash and EC credits
Deadline: 15th August 2008

First blog contest at Zakshow! Fantastic prizes:

  • 1st: 50$ cash & 2000 EC
  • 2nd: 30$ cash & 1200 EC
  • 3rd: 20$ cash & 800 EC
  • 4th: Free professional logo design

To participate into the competitions collect your entries:

  • Leave a comment in the contest post - Required - (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+5)
  • Add the site to your technorati favs (+3)
  • Follow him on Twitter (+2)
  • Write a post about this contest (+8)

GoofBlogger Contest

Contest URL: Second GoofBlogger Contest
Prize: Various
Deadline: 31st July 2008

Super Easy Contest from Goof Blogger. All you have to do is subscribing to his RSS feeds by mail. Prizes are as follows:

  1. 2 months of free hosting plan from PipeB.com (The type of service is the P20)
  2. 500 entrecard credits .
  3. $5 free money by Paypal

Free Gas Gift Cards Giveaway

Contest URL: Money Mailbox Friday – Mail We Love: Free Gas Gift Cards Giveaway
Prize: $50 Gas or Amazon Gift Cards
Deadline: 18th August 2008

MoneyNing is offering 3 $50 Gas Gift Card (or an equivalent Amazon Gift certificate). You have many ways to enter this contest:

  • Comment on the contest post (+1)
  • Stumble, Digg and Mixx the contest post (+3 each)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+5)
  • Write a post about this contest (+5)
  • Follow him on Twitter (+5)

Win GoDaddy Gift Cards

Contest URL: Win a $15 GoDaddy e-Gift Card every week
Prize: $15 GoDaddy Gift Card
Deadline: 5 weeks from July 22nd

Runts Life is giving away a $15 GoDaddy e-Gift card each over the next 5 weeks. You can use them to purchase any products from GoDaddy. Here's how you can enter this great competition:

  • Comment on any post on his blog (+1 each)
  • Digg the contest post (+1)
  • Stumble the contest post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feed (+1)
  • Blog about this competition on your own blog (+5)

Win $100 from ProTycoon

Contest URL: Win $100 from ProTycoon.com
Prize: $100 + AD Space
Deadline: 31st July 2008

Win $100 from Protycoon.com. Join this easy blog contest and you could win:

  • $100 cash via Paypal
  • 125×125 Sidebar Banner for August

To enter gain your points:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1)
  • Write a post about this contest (+10)

Then leave a comment on the contest post.

Win a Flip Video Camera

Contest URL: Win A Flip Video Ultra Camcorder From Million Dollar Portfolio
Prize: A Flip Video Ultra camera
Deadline: 1st August 2008
Win the fabulous Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) by joining million dollar portfolio contest. It's very easy:
  • Comment on the contest post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds (+2)
  • Write a post about this contest using the keywords “million dollar portfolio”(+5)
More prizes from sponsors:
  • From Thor Schrock - 1 Coupon Code for 1 year of unlimited Rhapsody music downloads
  • From Pro Blogineer - 2x 125×125 sidebar ads Value $30 each 1x 468×60 banner in everypost Value $50 1x 125×125 banner in every post and first 2 on homepage value $35. Total value of prizes = $180.

Win a $100 Amazon Certificate


Contest URL: Win a $100 Amazon Certificate from 1Sweepstakes.com
Prize: $100
Deadline: 31th December 2008

Looking for more on-line sweepstakes? Sign up for 1sweeptakes.com newsletter by mail and find the best ones, easy to enter and free! And if you subscribe between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 you could win a $100 Amazon Certificate.

Market Leverage Contest


Contest URL: Blog Contest: Three Times the Prizes
Prize: Various
Deadline: 14th August 2008

Three prize and three winners at Inspired Money Maker. Join this Market Leverage Contest And you could win:

  1. a Flip Mino and a 2GB USB Pen
  2. $50 MarketLeverage Rewards Card
  3. a 2GB USB pen

To enter gain your points:

  • Write a Blog post on your Blog which talks about this contest and link to it (+5)
  • Sign up for a MarketLeverage Account using his link (+5)
  • Digg this contest (+1)
  • Stumble or Stumble Review this contest (+1)
  • Twitter about this contest & Follow him on Twitter (+1)
  • Favorite this contest on Technorati (+1)

Win an iPod Nano


Contest URL: Win An iPod Nano and $250.00 Gift Card From CrunchNow & BloggerNoob
Prize: iPod Nano + gift card
Deadline: 25th July 2008 UPDATED: end of August

Do you want to win the new iPod Nano and a $250massage/Chiropractic Gift card + thousands of Entrecard Credits? Subscribe CrunchNow by mail and you are in! Write a blog post about this competition and you'll get one more chance of winning. Then leave a comment on the contest post.

EcoGlue Giveaway


Contest URL: Episode #25 - Gluing it
Prize: EcoGlue products
Deadline: 7th August 2008

The Handyguys Podcast is giving away to one of his readers some samples of EcoGlue Premium Wood Adhesive. It includes two containers of wood glue, a sample board and a nice portable tool bag. To enter simply subscribe to the site podcast by mail.

Win Cash from Zeldy Dalisay

Contest URL: Get $100 Here, My 3 Years In Blogging Contest
Prize: Cash
Deadline: 6th August 2008

3 years of blogging for Zaldy and his blog about make money online. Congratulations from ABC! To celebrate he's running an easy contest. Three prizes for three winners:

  • 1st: $50
  • 2nd: $25
  • 3rd: $15

To enter follow the rules:

  1. Subscribe to his RSS feeds.
  2. Create a a blog entry about this contest and contains a link back to zaldydalisay.com using the anchor text “make money online”
  3. Post your entry url via comment

July Contest at Earn On The Side

Contest URL: July Contest - The Easiest $25 Ever
: $25 (Paypal), EC credits
Deadline: 31th July 2008
Previous contest: New Contest at Earn On The Side
Previous contest: Win Cash from Earn on the Side

New month, new contest at Earn on the Side.

1st contest (Prize: $25): Subscribe to his RSS feeds.

2nd contest (Prize: 500 EC): drop your Entrecard on his site. Winner will randomly selected from his Entrecard Top Droppers list.

Win Free Licenses for Software

image q9ky7nr0en7z8u5it4tmimage

Contest URL: July special offer - Free license and download for great softwares
Prize: Free licenses
Deadline: 3 new softwares weekly

Would you like to get Free Software? Join BAS (Free software download) contest and win a FREE License for these great softwares:

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista Ultimate (UPGRADE with SP1)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Including optional plug-ins, sample files, textures, web swatches and stock photography)
  • VMware Workstation 6 for Windows

If you are a blogger/site owner:

  • Write an article about this offer ( or our services ) on your site and link to it.
  • Subscribe to this site via email
  • Stumble the contest post with your comment

For other people:

  • Write at least five quality reviews ( or comments ) for five distinct softwares listed in the website
  • Subscribe to this site via email
  • Stumble the contest post with your comment

Subscribe and Win at Tech Treak


Contest URL: Subscribe & win $100, 1000 ec’s, 125×125 ad spots and more!
Prize: $100 cash, ad spot, EC credits
Deadline: 31st July 2008

Blog Carnival from TechTreak! Faboulous prizes for you:

  • $100 cash via paypal
  • 1000 entrecard credits
  • 125×125 banner (sidebar) for a month ($20)
  • One Text Link Ad (Featured Section) for a month ($10)

Gain your points and increase your chances of winning:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+5)
  • Write a post about this contest (+10)
  • Stumble the contest (+15)

Win Cash from Save Money


Contest URL: July $25 Gas Card Giveaway!
Prize: $25 Cash or Gas Card
Deadline: 1st August 2008
Previous contest:Win a $25 Gas Card or Cash

Second Contest from Save Money, a great place where you can learn how to save money (for example take a look at this post: Online Coupons - A Convenient Way to Save Money) You could win a $25 Gas Card or the equivalent amount in Cash (by Paypal). Rules are very simple:

  • Write a post about this contest linking to the contest post and to another post on the site (+2)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1)

Win an Asus Eee Pc Laptop


Contest URL: Office Summer Fest
Prize: Asus Eee Pc + gift certificates
Deadline: 15th September 2008 (open Worldwide)

Win the new Asus Eee Pc! Join the Office Summer Fest at Office Supplies Blog. Here you can find tons of professional and elegant office supplies and office furniture. Take care of your office: Why don't you try the Nonmagnetic Stainless Steel Fire-Safe Receptacle? And what about a cool red HandyCone Floor Safety Sign? Office clean and safe, everyday.

Now they are giving away this awesome laptop plus a $100 and a $50 Shoplet.com gift certificate. To enter:

  • Write a fun blurb about your favorite office supply, or office supplies, minimum 75 words, on an accessible website.
  • Somewhere in your blurb, include at least two of the following keywords ( office supply, office supplies, office furniture, post it, copy paper, discount office supplies )
  • Point the keywords to http://www.shoplet.com/

Winner will be determined by points. More points, more chances:

  • Every incoming traffi from your blog post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds (+2)
  • Sign up for the Shoplet.com newsletter (+3)
  • If you write on .edu domain you will automatically receive extra 15 points.

    Win Cash from Pinay Mommy Online


    Contest URL: Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash
    : Cash and Entrecard credits
    Deadline: 20th July 2008

    Happy Birthday to Pinay Mommy! To celebrate she's running a blog contest with interesting prizes:

    • 1st: $50 Cash via PayPal and 3000 EC
    • 2nd: $10 Cash via PayPal and 1000EC
    • 3rd: $5 Cash via PayPal and 1000EC

    But that's not all: there will be 20 Consolation Prizes of 200 EC as well. And a bonus prize of $10 to the blog who refers the most bloggers. You have many options to enter. First of all:

    • Write a post about this contest (100 words min + links to contest post and homepage)
    • At the bottom of your entry, link the sponsors with their giveaways

    Winners will be announced on 25th July.

    ~\/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~\/~

    Make Money Online - 500ec ~ ·´`·.¸.»| j u l i a |·´`·.¸.» - 1000ec ~ Aeirin's Collection - 1000 ec ~ Deranged Insanity - 500 ec ~ a {GIRL} for all status - 500 ec ~ Blogging resources, tips and money making ideas… - 750 ec ~ Faery Dancing - 500 ec ~ Our Journey to Forever - 250 ec ~ Lainy's Musings - 250 ec - A Campaign for Non Violence on TV - 1000 ec

    Win Cash from MoneyBites

    Contest URL: MoneyBites Contest: The Easiest $75 You Will Ever Get
    Prize: Cash (Paypal)
    Deadline: 15th July 2008

    Easy blog contest from Moneybites.com, a blog about how to earn online. Three lucky winners will be randomly selected and they will win:

    1. $50 Cash
    2. $20 Cash
    3. $5 Cash

    To enter:

    • Write a blog post about this competition
    • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail