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Net Strife's First Contest


Contest URL: Net Strife’s First Contest Ever: $800+ Worth of Prizes
Prize: Various
Deadline: 21st September 2008

First contest at Net Strife. The prizes:

Cash via PayPal

$50 PayPal Cash from Net Strife
$25 PayPal Cash from Net Strife
$15 PayPal Cash from Net Strife

Ad Spaces

One month 125×125 ad space on Blogging from Scratch ($15)
One month 125×125 ad space on Rajaie Talks ($10)
One month 125×125 ad space on Rauru.com ($10)
Two weeks 125×125 ad space on TheNexus.TK ($10)

Text Links

5 x Regular Links from Zigtur Web Directory ($25)
2 x 3-Year Featured Links from Zigtur Web Directory ($20)

E-books and Similar Materials

3 x “29 Website Tips and Tricks” Video Package from Net Strife ($74.85 total, $24.95 each)
3 x “7 Fast Ways [to build backlinks]” Video Package from Net Strife ($74.85 total, $24.95 each)
3 x “Affiliate Windfall” Video Package from Net Strife ($74.85 total, $24.95 each)
4 x “Work Smart, Get Rich” E-book from Ebook Rich ($60 total, $15 each)

WordPress Stuff

1 x Single-Use License of the News Friendly Theme from MotionTheme ($44.95)
2 x $15 Blog Installation Package from WPStart ($30)
1 x One Year Membership on Elegant WordPress Themes ($19.95) Sidenote: This website has got some of the best WordPress themes out there!

Other Prizes

3 copies of “Direct Response Templates” from Direct Response Templates ($111 total, $37 each)
2 x one hour consultation from Jim of The Net Fool ($100 total, $50 each)
One hour consultation from Jason of The University Kid ($50)

To enter earn tickets:

  • Blog about the contest with a link to this post and a list of the prizes with the sponsors’ links (+15) - REQUIRED
  • Subscribe to Net Strife via e-mail (+10) REQUIRED
  • Link to Net Strife using the anchor text "Net Strife Internet Marketing Blog" (+10) (sitewide/homepage links only)
  • Review one sponsor on your blog and leave a comment on this post with a link to the review (+10)
  • Place Net Strife’s 125×125 banner on your site (+5)
  • Compose a short poem for Net Strife and send it to him via e-mail (+5)
  • Leave a comment on this post and tell him something great about ONE sponsor (you choose) (+5)
  • Link to the sponsors using their official site name as the anchor text: 2 raffle tickets per link (sitewide/homepage links only)

Win Cash + Amazon Gift Card

Contest URL: Contest : Win Cash + Amazon Gift Cards
Prize: Cash, Amazon Gift Card
Deadline: 15th September, 2008.

Easy blog contest from SuccessBiz4All. Two steps and you are in: subscribe to his FEED by email and blog about the contest on your blog. Here the prizes:

  • 1st prize - USD $50 + $30 Amazon.com gift card
  • 2nd prize - USD $30 + $20 Amazon.com gift card
  • 3rd prize - USD $10 + $10 Amazon.com gift card

Win $25 Paypal at Profitale

Contest URL: $25 PayPal Contest at Profitale!
Prize: Cash, free advertising
Deadline: 21st September 2008

Easy blog contest at Profitale. Prizes are as follows:

  • First place: 25$ PayPal or any of the others rewards.
  • Second place: One (1) month 125×125 banner on the right side.
  • Third place: Link in any of his articles pointing to similar useful article in your blog.
  • For the next 3 people - Link Included to his Blog Roll.
To enter you have many options:
  • Comment on the blog (+1 each)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1)
  • Write a post about this contest (+2)

Contest Reminder: August 25th

Original Photo by J_O_I_D

Ending soon contests. Check them out! And subscribe now to stay updated with the best and easiest online competitions!

Rockstar Template Contest


Contest URL: First Contest At Rockstartemplate.com - Worth more than 200$
Prize: Various
Deadline: 25th September 2008

First Contest at Rockstartemplate.com. Great prizes for 3 winners:

1st Place :

$ 50 Amazon.com Gift Voucher.
$ 15 Hard Cash through Paypal.
$ 20 worth Banner Advertising in Rockstartemplate.com for 1 month.
$ 15 worth Link Placement in PR 4 Blog [My Personal Blog] for 1 month.
And Get a Review at my personal Blog.

2nd Place :

$ 25 Hard Cash through PayPal.
$ 20 worth Banner Advertising in Rockstartemplate.com for 1 month.
$ 15 worth Link Placement in PR 4 Blog [My Personal Blog].

3rd Place :

1000 EntreCard credits.
$ 15 worth Link Placement in PR 4 Blog [My Personal Blog].

To enter gain the more points you can:

  • Write a post about this contest (+5 * No Of Your Blog Post + Your Blog PageRank)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+2 * No of Email Subscribed By You)
  • Add the site to your technorati favs (+5)

Winner of Knowliz Contest!

A great thanks to Knowliz (KNOwledge Within Life Is priZeless)! I'm one of the winner of his contest!

Win Cash from Swept Away

Prize: Cash, EC
Deadline: 24th August 2008

Easy contest from Swept Away. These are the prizes:

  • 1st prize - $10 paypal money
  • 2nd prize - $5 paypal money
  • 3rd prize - 200 EC credits

To enter:

  • Subsribe to her feed via mail (+1)
  • Add her blog to your Technorati Favorites (+1)
  • Write a post about this contest (+3)

Win a Complete Blog Package


Contest URL: A Chance To Win A Free Template: My First Contest
: Various
Deadline: 25th August 2008

Free To Be You Designs is giving to you the opportunity to switch to Wordpress. You have the chance to win:

  • 1 Year’s Free Hosting
  • 1 Domain name of your choice
  • Free custom template
  • Wordpress installed along with 5 plugins of your choice.
  • Special coupon for a future purchase

Simply leave a comment on the contest post and write a psot about this competition for an additional entry.

First Webmaster Blog's Contest

Contest URL: Our First Contest!
Prize: Various
Deadline: 24th August 2008

TheWMblog is hosting his very first contest. Cash prizes prizes as well as free advertising opportunities and Entrecard Credits. Below the full list:

My CFO on the Go! 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal cash.
Get Rich Geek 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal Cash
Ninja Success 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal Cash

Susanne at SquidooMagic Free set up of SEO optimized Squidoo lens.
Better Interpersonal Communication 125 X 125 ad spot
WebbieStuffs 1200 EC Credits, Permanent Link (Blog Roll), 2-month ad in side bar, 100 x 100.

Blog Improvement and Money Making Tips 1000 EC credits.
BestJoanne Is The One For Reviews 1000 EC credits.
Rumbling Lankin 1000 Entrecard Credits

TwinsHappiness 250 EntreCard credits.
The Spirit of Blogging 1000 Entrecard Credits and 125 ad space.
The Melvin Blog E-book worth $17, ad spot worth $10.

The University Kid will offer eBooks and 2, 1 hour consultations.
The Smile Guy will donate 500 Entrecard credits and an ad spot. Either 125X125 or 486X60 winners choice!
5 links Blog Promotion Site

Plus The WebMaster Blog is giving away:
5 prizes of 1,000 Entrecard Credits Each
2- 125X125 ad spots for 30 days
5- BlogRoll links for 30 days

More great prizes added!
Indian Devs is offering one non animated banner or logo design worth $30, and one adspot on technoworld worth 15$

To enter Gain your points:

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed (+10) - Mandatory
  2. Comment on the blog (+1 each)
  3. Comment on a sponsors blog (+5)
  4. Blog about theWMblog (+10)
  5. Blog about the contest (+50)

Contest Live Launched!


A new place to find the best contests around the net.
My friend Matthew from Blog About Your Blog has officially launched Contest Live and the Contest Live blog, two new projects that help everyone to promote their own contest. It's a voting network where you can submit and vote for the competition you like. Register now!

Jamie Kennedy Contest


Blog About Your Blog is running an easy blog contest to promote the Jamie Kennedy’s new documovie called “Heckler” and the related Heckler contest (you can win a trip to Los Angeles!).

Lot of free stuff for you! Simply write about these two contests with corrects linkbacks (+1 entry if you include Jamie DVD release on Amazon) and you could be one of the 3 winners of an exclusive Jamie Kennedy package that includes:

  • A cap
  • A dogtag
  • Unwashed DVD
  • Photo of Jamie

Contest ends on August 18th, 2008.

Knowliz Acronym Contest

Knowliz Acronym Contest

Contest URL: Contest : Suggest ACRONYM for KNOWLIZ and Win 100GB online storage and many other prizes
Prize: Online storage account
Deadline: 15th August 2008

Suggest an acronym for Knowliz and you could win Humyo Premium Account (with 100GB of space) plus other prizes. Use your imagination and enter. It ends tomorrow, hurry up!

Win Free Domains


Contest URL: Subscribe and Get Free PR2 Domains
Prize: Domain names
Deadline: 15th August 2008

Subscribe by mail to Random Blog and you could win 3 PR2 domain names.

Crunch Now Contest Update

Winner of Crunch Now Contest hasn't claimed the prize (the new Ipod Nano + thousands of Entrecard Credits), so the contest is back for one month. Check it out!You only have to subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail.

Win a 2GB Creative Zen MP3 Player

Contest URL: First Anniversary Blog Contest
Prize: Various
Deadline: 30th August 2008

Betshopboy.net is going to celebrate his first anniversary and he's holding a blog contest (Take a look at the video!) with nice prizes. There will be weekly drawings and the Grand draw on 31 August, 2008. Winners of weekly draw will be eligible for the Grand draw.

Weekly prizes

Prizes for 17 August draw:

  • 1st prize – a 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
  • 2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 18 – 24 Aug) with PerformancingAds on his sidebar

Prizes for 24 August draw

  • 1st prize - 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
    2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 25 – 31 Aug) with PerformancingAds on his sidebar

Grand prize (one winner)

  • A 2GB Creative Zen MP3 player with 2.5″ TFT LCD for videos & audios & SD card expansion slot. Click for specification.

Collect your points:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1) - Mandatory
  • Stumble the contest post (+1)
  • Follow him on Twitter (+2)
  • Write a post about this contest (+5) including the video (+5)
  • Make a new post embedding one of his other videos (+15)

First Blog Contest At Indo Contest

Contest URL: My First Contest: August 17th Contest
Prize: Various
Deadline: 17th August 2008

First Blog contest at IndoContest, one of the most informative blog about online competitions. Below the full list of prizes (huge!):

Winner #1:

Winner #2:

Winner #3:

Winners #4:

Winner #5:

To enter gain your point:

  • Subscribe to his RSS by email - 5 entries (mandatory)
  • Blog about the contest on your blog with all the sponsors links and prizes - 20 entries (mandatory)
  • Add the blog to your Technorati Favorite - 2 entries
  • StumbleUpon this post - 2 entries
  • Digg the contest post - 2 entries
  • Add the contest post to del.icio.us - 2 entries
  • Follow him on twitter - 2 entries

Win $25 at Jeflin's Investment Blog

Contest URL: $25 in cash or 2000 Entrecard credits
Prize: Cash and EC credits
Deadline: 31st August 2008

Easy Cash from Jeflin’s Investments blog. You could win $25 via paypal and 2000 Entrecard credits. To enter this blog contest follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail
  • Write a post about this contest
  • Leave a comment telling what you have done
  • announce the winning in your blog

Win $50 and Free Advertising

Contest URL: Win $50.00 Paypal For Commenting
Prize: Cash, EC, free ads
Deadline: 21st August 2008

daBlogger is giving away a lot of prizes for 10 winners:

  • First prize: $50.00 cash through Paypal
  • Second prize: 1,000 Entrecard credits
  • Third prize: One in depth blog review
  • Fourth prize: 125 x 125 ads for one month
  • Fifth prize: 125 x 125 ads for one month
  • Sixth prize: 125 x 125 ads for one month
  • Seventh prize: 125 x 125 ads for one month
  • Eighth prize: 125 x 125 ads for one month
  • 7-10th prize: Blogroll link for one month

To enter gain your points:

  • Leave a comment on the contest post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+2)
  • Write a post about this contest linking to the site (+10)

Win Free Cigars


Contest URL: Submit a cigar tip and win free cigars
Prize: Cigars
Deadline: 22nd August 2008

Cigar Inspector is running a cigar giveaway, sponsored by Duque Cigars. All you have to do is submit a cigar tip. You can submit as many tips as you like.

Win $50 from More Merchant


Contest URL: Bloggers: Get $50 via Paypal Today
Prize: Cash
Deadline: first 10 people

MoreMerchant is giving away free cash to the first 10 people 20 people who write a post about his blog, a place where you can find how to make money and also interesting Budget tips! Below the prizes:

  • PR 5 or better blog: $50
  • PR 4: $30
  • PR 3: $20
  • PR 2: $10

Comment and Win at AnotherMMOBlog


Contest URL: Win up to $50 Paypal Simply by Commenting
Prize: Various
Deadline: 29th August 2008

One of the simplest blog contest at AnotherMMOBlog.com. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st: Up to $50 paid through Paypal
  • 2nd: At least 1,000 Entrecard Credits
  • 3th/4th: 125×125 advertising for one month
  • 5th/6th: Blogroll link for one month

To enter gain your points:

  • Leave a comment on the contest post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+5)
  • Write a post about this contest (+10)

Win Cash at Flash Mint

Contest URL: Win $100-$800 in Cash at Flashmint Contest!
: Cash
Deadline: 1st September 2008

Get a $100-$800 prize at a bloggers and designers contest from an innovative Flash Website Templates provider. Two contests, one for the best WP templates for Flashmint blog ($500) and the other one for the blogs that refer the most visitors ($300, $200, $100). Get the details.

Win cash from IMBlogger


Contest URL: August contest win 300$+ worth of cash and domains!
Prize: Cash and domain names
Deadline: 1st September 2008
previous contest: Win $600 from IMBlogger

Great blog contest from IMblogger, a blog about making money online with a lot of interesting tips and articles. Fantastic prizes for a total of $300 cash (by Paypal) plus free domain names at GoDaddy. Here the full list:

  • 1st: 125$ cash + .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names of your choice.
  • 2nd: 100$ cash + .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names of your choice.
  • 3rd: 75$ cash + .COM/.NET/.ORG domain name of your choice.

Rules are very simple. Gain your points: the more entries you earn, the better chance you have to win this competition:

  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+2)
  • Write a post about this contest. It must be over 200 words at least, and must contain at least 2 links to the homepage of the blog and to the blog posts. If your blog has got over 500 subscribers, you’ll get 2 more entries as bonus. (+5)

After you have done this, leave a comment on the contest post. Winners will be selected using random.org and they will be announced on the 1st or the 2nd of September, 2008.

Gas Card Giveaway at Save Money


Contest URL: August $25 Gas Card Giveaway
Prize: $25 Gas Card
Deadline: 31st Augus 2008

New month and new $25 Gas Card Giveaway (or an equal amount via Paypal) from Save Money.

  • Write a post about this contest using this link: save gas articles (+2)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+1)

Win Cash from ThaCash

Contest URL: Win some cash @ ThaCash.com
: cash
Deadline: 30th August 2008

Easy blog contest at Thacash.com. To enter you only have to write a post about this competitions and leave a comment. Three cash prizes for three winners:

  • 1st: $25
  • 2nd: $15
  • 3rd: $5

One more cash prize of $15 to the best post.

Thank You Goof Blogger!


A great thanks to Goof Blogger! I'm the winner of his contest!

And don't miss his next competition! Three cash prizes for three lucky winners:

  • First prize is $20
  • Second prize is $10
  • Third prize is $5

Rules are very simple. Get your entries:

  • Add the site to your delicious bookmarks (+1)
  • Digg your favorite goofblogger post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+3)
  • Write a post about this contest (+5)
  • Leave a comment on your favourite post (+1)
  • Leave a comment telling what you have done (+1)

Win a Garmin nuvi 350 GPS


Contest URL: Enter My Contest And Win A Garmin nuvi 350 GPS!
Prize: Various
Deadline: 15th August 2008

Win a Garmin nuvi 350 GPS navigation system sponsored by Market Leverage and tons of other fantastic prizes at MeAndMyDrum. See original contest post for details on getting entries.

Here is the list prizes:

Garmin nuvi 350 GPS navigation system - This cool prize is sponsored by Market Leverage. I’ve seen this thing go for upwards of $320 on some sites. Take it with you in the car or walking around town. Never get lost again. You won’t find this on any other contest they’re involved with!

Prize 1
Apple iPod Nano 4GB Silver1 - Hey, it’s from Apple and it’s an iPod…need I say more? Valued at $149. Sponsored by MeAndMyDrum.

Prize 2
WOW-Pen Joy - These aren’t available in stores yet, so one lucky winner is going to be among the first to receive this superior ergonomic PC mouse. I’ve been using another model made by the same company and love it!. Sponsored by WOW-Pen.

Prize 3
1-hour Consultation with Garry Conn - Garry continues to provide great tips and information about how to make money online and does so at an incredible rate. He has created untold numbers of blogs for a variety of market niches and has become very successful at it. If you’re interested in making money online, then make it a point to get to know my friend Garry. This hour he’s giving away will no doubt change the way you blog. Valued at $250.

Prize 4
Free 1-year Membership to LifeFoc.us - this prize, valued at $324, is generously offered by another successful online entrepreneur, Aaron Abber. This recently launched online community is already off to a great start and is sure to provide you with encouraging tips on planning and achieving your goals, both online and offline. Happiness can be found in many different areas of your life and LifeFoc.us can help you find them.

Prize 5
1 Market Leverage 2GB USB Pen - Another prize sponsored by MeAndMyDrum, this is something I won from another contest that I’m throwing into the mix. It’s brand-spanking new!

Prize 6
Free ebook: Success With WordPress - Written by Kyle Eslick of Hack WordPress, this hasn’t even been released yet, so the winner will be among the very first to grab a free copy and become even more successful with using WordPress.

Prize 7
Free ebook: Blog Adrenaline - Written by John Moston of DNXpert, this is an 80-page ebook that also includes a 24-page guide to building WordPress themes, AND a “skeleton” WordPress theme that can be customized and given away for building backlinks.

Prize 8
2 Market Leverage Rewards Cards - These guys came through again with another popular prize. Each card is worth $20. There will be 1 winner per card.

Prize 9
Advertising on KeithJamesLock.com - Keith is offering some great advertising opportunities on his blog. One image ad will be placed beneath each of his posts on single post pages as well as beneath the post on the home page. Size can be up to 400×250. He’s also offering a text link up to 50 characters in length. Both will have do-follow links which can be affiliate links if desired. 2

Prize 10
Niche Adsense Themes for WordPress - Created by Mark Mason, this rising star in the Internet marketing world is someone I’ve been following closely. His recent release of these specially designed WordPress themes has been well-received in the online community. Do yourself a favor and get to know Mark so that you can carve out your slice of the make money online pie.

Prize 11
Free ebook: Article Domination - Written by Josh Spaulding, this has been a best seller in the article marketing world for a while. It’s packed with step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions to making money online using articles and article directories to drive qualified traffic to your site or blog. Valued at $39.

Prize 12
125×125 ad on BlogAboutYourBlog - a $20 value, Matthew Henrickson is offering ad space at the top of BlogAboutYourBlog for one month. His blog gets a lot of traffic so your ad will certainly get a great deal of exposure.

Prize 13
Free ebook: Written Prompty Everyday - Written by Christine Senter, this is an inspiring book designed to help you get your creative juices flowing and get over your writer’s block. It lists some very creative prompts that will help get you that spark of creativity you’re looking for.

Prize 14
Free 1-year Membership to I’m On A Budget - My friend Joe Swopes has launched a great new membership site called I’m On A Budget that provides its members with very affordable videos, software, and audio products that cover a wide variety of topics. Valued at $60.