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Fourth Blog Contest from Goof Blogger


Contest URL: The Fourth Goofblogger Someone Giving Away Money Contest
Prize: Cash
Deadline: 30th September 2008

The fourth Goog Blogger's Contest is live. Enter now to win cash:

  • First prize is $20
  • Second prize is $15
  • Third prize is $10

Rules are very simple. Gain your points:

  • Write a post about this contest including the use of the anchor text make money ideas (+5)
  • Become one of his friends at BlogCatalog (+1)
  • Become one of his friends at Stumbleupon (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+3)
  • Leave a comment on the site(+1 each)
  • Add the site to your delicious bookmarks (+1)
  • Set up a squidoo lens based on making money online by blogging using the anchor text make money ideas that links to his blog’s main page (+10)

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Anonymous said...

I'm running a contest at my blog. Join if you want to win something :)


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