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Win Cash from GoTipster

GoTipsters.Com - Free Soccer Tips 
Contest URL: $50 Plus Prizes With My GoTipsters Cash Competition!
Prize: Cash, Free advertising
Deadline: 12th April 2009

Great cash contest from GoTipsters.Com and their website’s grand launching. Follow their soccer tips and football predictions and you could win a lot of prizes:

  • $50 Cash (via PayPal)
  • Exclusive and private 3 (three) soccer tips
  • A one month free 125×125 banner placement in all GoTipsters.com pages!

To enter gain your points:

  • Write a post about this contest using he anchor text ‘soccer tips and football predictions(+120)
  • Write a blog post (minimum 200 words) about GoTipsters website (+100)
  • Add the site to your blogroll (+70)
  • Leave a comment on another sport blog or website letting them know about GoTipsters website (+60)
  • Sign up to Text Link Ads (+50)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail (+50)

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