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Win a Free iPod Nano 8Gb


Contest URL: 2 Year Anniversary - Win a new iPod Nano
Prize: iPod Nano
Deadline: 17th July 2009

2 Years of Blogging for Gather Little by Little! Congratulations from About Blog Contests! To celebrate there is a giveaway where you can win am Ipod Nano 8GB + Free Books and Web service subscription. To enter:

  • Leave a comment on the contest post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his feeds and send him the secret phrase(+1)

3 commenti:

Lyn said...

Wow... I never had any Ipod nano.. I wish to have it. LOL. I love music, especially if I'm alone. It's a good stuff to have. I hope I could participate on it.
Keep going. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, music is the very best ever and whoever came up with this awsome device is a genious !!! I love music and all kinds (well sort of). I wish i could have one sooo bad !!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed out on this competition, I googled free ipod to see if I could fins anymore competitions and it gave me this free ipod website, does anybody know if they're legitimate?

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