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Waterproof Memo Board Contest

Contest URL: Contest Page
Prize: $25, $10 and $5 (Paypal)
Deadline: 30th November 2007

Waterproof memo board is holding a blog contest where you may win cash. To enter just review this site (100 words minimum) with correct linkbacks and then contact them here. Multiple blogs allowed, one entry per blog (not per person).

  • 1st prize: $25
  • 2nd prize: $10
  • 3rd prize: $5
** REVIEW **

If you need a memo board to write in wet conditions, waterproof memo board is the right place. Here you'll find something very useful that may solve a little big problem. With this item every note you made will stay safe: you don't have to worry about stains or water.
For example, you can use it in the bathroom, swimming pool, garden, kitchen, outside in the rain, and on a building site. Two different models:
  • Transparent, to blend with your rooms
  • Yellow, to find it more easily
Every memo board includes a black pencil with velcro that can be attached to it without any difficulty. They also have a hole drilled in them so you can hang them up wherever you like.
The price: £12.50 each (about $25), including postage and 1 pencil. You can buy them here.

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