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Join Kiva Global Celebration!

Please join the Kiva Community this October in one of the 10 participating cities and help them celebrate 6 years of making loans to deserving entrepreneurs around the world! Come meet Kiva enthusiasts in your community and celebrate the global movement that is connecting microfinance lenders and borrowers across the globe. If you don’t know Kiva, take a look at this post about changing the world with $25.

Each city celebration will provide lending stations and the opportunity to make Kiva loans on-site, as well as information about Kiva for new lenders.  So, it's a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family who have never heard about Kiva.  The celebrations will be hosted by Kiva Lenders in the following cities across the globe: Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Toronto, Montreal, London, Paris, and Melbourne!

They will also be filming Kiva community members at the celebrations for the recently launched “Why I Kiva” campaign. Why I Kiva is a very simple idea: members of the Kiva community post videos explaining why they lend with, borrow through, work for, donate to, or otherwise participate in the Kiva community. You can go to http://www.youtube.com/kivamicrofunds to see what other Kiva community members are saying about why they Kiva. Submit a video yourself! 

Unable to attend one of these city events?  You can still celebrate virtually by making a loan attributed to one of the hosting lending teams (Be sure to join the team before making your loan!) 

See this blog post for more information.

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TheContestBlog said...

I have always thought Kiva was a worthy cause to donate to. I'll have to look into making my own "Why I Kiva" campaign!

burn the fat build the muscle said...

congratulation for you and i hope you have big success in next years ahead.

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Thanks for this nice post.

Rumah Dijual said...

thanks this information

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