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The weekly Winner Contest

Contest URL: The Weekly Winner Contest
: $25 every week
Deadline: No deadline

Mixed Marked Art, your daily source for Blog Marketing that helps you in discovering the best ways to Increase Website Traffic, is running a great weekly contest where you can win $25 very single week (via Paypal)! To enter you simply have to do the following things:

  1. Write a one time post on your blog (250 words min) with two link back: one to the contest post and the other one to the site homepage. If you want use these keywords: Make Money Blogging, Blog Marketing, Increase Website Traffic
  2. Leave a comment on the contest post with the link to your post
  3. Subscribe to his RSS feeds
But not only cash for you: the winner will also receive a link to his blog and an extra bonus prize that were donated that week (if you like to be a sponsor, contact Collin).
One winner will be randomly selected every Sunday. If for any reason he misses a week, the following winner will receive $50 instead of the $25. If for whatever reason I chooses to stop the contest in a few months, everyone will be notified at least 4 weeks prior to the closing.
You may win only once per month, but no limit for your winnings. And remember: this blog contest will run forever! No deadline! And the earlier you enter it, the better your chances of being a weekly winner.
Simple and clear. So visit Mixed Marked Arts, learn how to make money blogging and try to be the lucky one. Enter now!

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