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Win Cash from DatMoney

Contest URL
: 1st DM Contest: Cash, EC and Custom Banner Designs!
Prize: Cash, EC, banner design
Deadline: 29 February 2008

DatMoney.com is running his first blog contest! For each new subscriber he will add (in a virtual pot) $0.50 and 20 Entrecard Credits. So, the more subscribers, the more money you win.
  • 1stFirst place will receive 75% of the pot
  • Second place will receive 25% of the pot
  • Third place will receive a custom made banner (and possibly Entrecard Credits)
To enter simply
  • Subscribe to his RSS Feed
  • Write a post about the contest linking to DatMoney.com and the contest post
  • Leave a comment on the contest post when you have done so

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Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...


Thanks for adding this!

And good luck!


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