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Win a Widescreen Monitor

Contest URL:MASSIVE Widescreen Monitor Giveaway
: 20 inch monitor
Deadline: 31st March 2008

WhydoWork is running a great blog contest with a fantastic prizes: 2 WideScreen monitors. Two different way to gain your entries:

Widescreen Monitor Number 1

  • Join WhydoWork community and write a post in your personal WhyDoWork blog (+1)
  • Write about our new social networking features on your external blog (+5)
  • Subscribe to his feed via email (+3)

Widescreen Monitor Number 2

This contest is for those with web design skills:

  • personalize the design of your ‘My Page’ with your HTML/CSS skills and we’ll be picking the top 10.
WhydoWork social network new features:

  1. Sticky notes to quickly post a question on another member's profile page
  2. Personal pages where you can add whatever you like (including your own advertisements)
  3. A blog within your personal page where you can share your thoughts and syndicate them with a personal RSS feed
  4. The ability to search and add friends who may have similar interests, ideas, or even live in the same city!

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