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DotSauce Christmas Giveaway

Contest URL: DotSauce Christmas Tech Toys Giveaway
Prize: Tech Stuff
Deadline: 24th December 2007

Fantastic giveaway from DotSauce, a Web magazine about domain name industry. To enter subscribe via mail and leave a comment with the prize number. 10 prizes for you:

  1. PC Game - “BioShock”
  2. PC Game - “ElderScrolls IV: Oblivion”
  3. MP3 Player - First generation 1GIG iPod Shuffle
  4. Xbox 360 Game - “NHL 08”
  5. PS3 Game - “FEAR” (First Encounter Assault Recon)
  6. HD DVD - “Transformers” (Two-Disc Special Edition)
  7. DVD - “Scarface” (Two-Disc Anniversary Edition)
  8. DVD - “The Office” (Season One)
  9. $20 Amazon.com Gift Card
  10. 1 Year Subscription to WIRED Magazine
International Readers are only eligible to win the $20 Amazon Gift Card. All other prizes will only be shipped free to the United States.

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