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New features here at A.B.C. Thanks to Geoff, the one who can't get rich online (as myself), for the idea.


I have 3 AD spot on my sidebar. They are FREE till the end of the year (or more, who knows...).
First come, first served. So, send me your creation!


Every day there are more and more blog contests, and it's quite difficult to follow them. Here my solution: 4 Spot only for Blog Contests, for FREE. Send me your graphic (125x125), and I'll add it on my sidebar. I'll rotate them on deadline basis: contest ending soon, will be featured first. Then the other ones. At the moment there are 3 spots left. Maybe in the future I'll increase the number from 4 to 6, but I don't want to display too much graphics...

Hope this may help you. Your feedback is welcome! Tell me what you think. Thanks

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A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

I'm a fairly new blogger (inasmuch as I have had little time to put into my blogs), but I love your site! It's full of great ideas on contests to run to increase readership and bring more interested people to the site!

I found you on entrecard, and I'm subscribing now so I can have a regular influx of ideas on bringing more people to my blogs!


A. Caleb

Anonymous said...

I just read this post and I see that you are looking for forum contests. As it so happens, I have a forum contest in the works for the February. Its small, but much easier to win!

Contest is simple, most posts made in my forum during February 2008 wins $10 PayPal!

Let me know!

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